What is the Motherboard?

The motherboard is the main circuit board in the computer that contains the computer's basic circuitry and components. Its main purpose is to process information from devices that are directly and indirectly connected to it.

A common cause of a bad motherboard is bad capacitors:

A capacitor is an electrical device that can maintain an electrical charge for a period of time and is used to smooth out the flow of electrical current. They can go bad from old age or from being made with a bad electrolyte formula that can cause the production of hydrogen gas, which leads to bulging or deformation of the capacitor's case, and eventual venting of the electrolyte.

‚Äč"Bad caps were manufactured from 1999 to 2007 by Taiwan. They made caps that would die prematurely and that were put in all types of electronics from computers, TV's, DVD players, electric piano's, synthesizers, cameras, toys, and even safety equipment. They mixed up the dielectric paste that insulates the internal plates of the caps from each other in a way such that the chemical component which normally deactivates internal hydrogen gas was left out. The gas builds up and explodes the caps prematurely, eventually leading to total evaporation of internal electrolyte, thereby bringing about the failure of the device."