Is your computer sluggish or slow to respond?

Does your computer take a long time to start?

Do you have a bunch of programs that start automatically?

Just like your vehicle, your laptop or desktop computer needs regular maintenance to
​continue running well. Below is a partial list of the services that can be performed
​on your computer to increase its speed:

1. Stop unnecessary programs from automatically starting with Windows

- This can decrease the time it takes for the computer to start and shut down.
- ​Also, less system resources will be used ​(such as memory and processor usage), ​which can increase the overall speed of the computer.

2. Defragment the hard drive (where data is stored)

- This physically organizes the hard drive by moving the data that makes up programs, ​pictures, videos, music, etc. ​closer together so that it can be accessed faster.

3. Clean the Registry

- The Registry is an essential system database that houses a massive collection of ​details about your computer ​(such as where programs are stored or preferences for each user).
- ​This removes unused or old entries, ​thus making the database clean and optimized.

4. Clean up the hard drive

- Remove unneeded accumulated files to free up hard drive space.

5. Install the most up-to-date versions of essential software, which includes: the latest version of whichever web browsers are being used (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox), Flash Player, FoxIt or Adobe Reader, CCleaner, PeaZip, Defraggler, IObit Uninstaller

6. Update the drivers to improve performance and stability ​
​- Drivers are software that control hardware.

7. Check to make sure that the system is secure

- Check if the Firewall is enabled – blocks malicious software and
​people from entering the computer.

- Check if the system is set to automatically receive updates.
​ Keeping Windows up-to-date will make the system more stable and secure.

- Check if there is an antivirus program installed. If there is, then check to see if it's active and up-to-date.
​If not, install a free antivirus program.

- Finish by scanning the hard drive with an antivirus program to make sure the system is virus free.

8. Physically clean the system

- Remove internal dust

- Wipe down the exterior